Palm jaggery, also known as Karupatti is an excellent alternative for white sugar. It is made from freshly concentrated juice obtained from date palm tree and is loaded with minerals and vitamins. It enhances the taste of many delicacies and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. It has various medicinal properties and health benefits -from boosting immunity and keeping your body warm to treating cold and cough. Here is a list of reasons why you should include palm jaggery in your winter diet.

Palm jaggery are high in composite carbohydrates which help in digesting food faster than the regular sugar. Consuming a piece of palm jaggery regularly helps in releasing energy which keeps you fresh and energetic for hours.

Jaggery palm is high in dietary fibers which helps in treating digestive disorders such as constipation, improper bowel movements and indigestion. The dietary fibers present in palm jaggery also help in cleaning the system by flushing out unwanted toxins and stimulating bowel movements.

Amazing benefits of palm jaggery